NDIS Service Provider

We work with service providers to help participants pursue their NDIS
goals through meaningful holidays and experiences

Support Coordinators

Plan managers

Service Providers

Support workers

How we work with Support Coordinators

We provide support coordinators with the unique expertise of a travel agent combined with a deep understanding of disability and support needs to arrange seamless travel experiences for their participants.

  • Provide choice and control to participants when it comes to travel and holidays
  • Receive advice on how to best pursue participant goals through travel experiences
  • Reduce your time and effort spent on organising travel arrangements
  • Expand on services you provide to participants without investing in specific travel expertise

How we work with Plan Managers

We provide plan managers a unique service with dedicated offers to help differentiate and attract participants
  • Help your participant improve health, wellbeing and independence by incorporating travel into their plan
  • Receive advice on how to offer choice and control to participants when it comes to travel and holidays
  • Differentiate and promote the benefits of plan management organisations
  • Adapt invoicing to fit plan management’s systems and processes

How we work with Service Providers

We are working to build a large network of service providers to ensure participants continuous services and support during their holiday.
  • Work with participants current providers to assess the level of care required while on holiday. 
  • Collaborate with Australian service providers and International health & care services.
  • Maintain a database of providers across medical services, equipment, support workers and more, to match providers to travellers individual needs.

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